Steel Cable Cutters

Steel Cable Cutters are available in hand, bench mount and ratchet assist and are designed to cut a wide range of sizes.

Cable Pullers

Klein Haven's Grip, Klein Chicago Grip, Imported Cable Pullers, Cable Pullers with Latch.

Steel Cable Swagers

Steel Cable Swaging Tools are used to properly crimp aluminum or copper swage fittings. Many also provide a cable cutter.

Klein Tools

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in America using only the highest quality materials, and superior workmanship.

Maasdam Pow'r Pulls

For over 60 years Maasdam® has produced Pow'R-Pulls to exacting standards. Using only premium components, they produce the finest quality winch/puller available. Made in the USA.

Ronan Cutters

Cut garage door weatherseal and flap effortlessly with one cut. USA made steel razor blades. Many other uses.

Steel Angle Cutters

Use to cut 1-1/4" and 2" perforated angle. For extra high strength angle use only the Roper Whitney #4.

Tool Kits and Tool Bags

Keep your tools organized and handy with these Steel Cable Cutting and Swaging Kits and compartmentalized Tool Bags and Boxes.

Steel Chain Cutters

Steel Chain Cutters are designed to cut non-alloy chain in a range of sizes.

Metal Storage Boxes
These heavy duty 24 gauge powder coated steel boxes with full piano hinge are great for organizing tools, fasteners and small parts.