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Endurance Products

Hops Hardware
Guy Strand, EHS Guy Strand, Common Guy Strand, Coir Twine, W Hop Clips, Guy Strand Splices, Guy Strand Tensioners, Guy Strand Dead Ends, Guy Strand Sleeves, Earth Anchors, Painted Earth Anchors, Galvanized Earth Anchors.
Stage Rigging Hardware

Black Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Chicago Hardware Black Theatrical Shackles, Beam Clamps, Lighting Safety Cables, Deck Chains, Black Theatrical EN round Slings, Black Steelflex Polyester Slings, Cable Pullers, and Cable Grips.

Cable Railing Hardware

HandiSwage Tensioners, HandiSwage Studs, HandiSwage Lags, HandiSwage Flush Fittings, RailEasy Tensioners, HandiSwage Crimping Tool, RailEasy Studs,  RailEasy Lags, Railing Posts, 1X19 Type 316 Stainless Cable, RailEasy Polished Tubing.

Boat Lift & Dock Hardware

Stainless Boat Lift Replacement Cables, Hand Winches, Type 316 Stainless Wire Rope Clips, Stainless Thimbles, Hand Winches, Blocks & Pulleys, Eyebolts, Turnbuckles, Chain.

Garage Door Hardware

Garage Door Hinges, Garage Door Rollers,  Operator Reinforcement Brackets, Garage Door lubricants, Garage Door Locks, Garage Door Cable Assemblies, Garage Door Lift Handles, Garage Door Threshold, Garage Door Chain Hoists.

Guying & Anchoring

Guy Strand, EHS Guy Strand, Common Guy Strand, Guy Strand Splices, Guy Strand Tensioners, Guy Strand Dead Ends, Guy Strand Sleeves, Earth Anchors, Painted Earth Anchors, Galvanized Earth Anchors.

Steel Cable, Wire Rope, Guystrand

Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable, Black Coated Aircraft Cable, Nylon Coated Aircraft Cable, Plastic Coated Aircraft Cable, EHS Guy Strand, Common Guy Strand, and High Tensile Wire.

Cable & Rope Fittings

Gripple Cable Adjusters, Kwik-loc Cable Adjusters, Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips, Stainless Wire Rope Clips, Aluminum Swage Fittings, Copper Swage Fittings, Stainless Swage Fittings, AN Thimbles, Standard & Heavy Duty Thimbles.

Steel Chain

Proof Coil Chain Grade 30,  High Test Chain Grade 43, Transport Chain Grade 70, Alloy Chain Grade 80, Straight Link Chain, Sash Chain, Jack Chain, Double Loop Chain and Stainless Steel Type 316 Chain. Lever & Ratchet Load Binders.

Connecting Hardware

Zinc and Stainless Quick Links, Steel Chain Connecting Links, Alloy Oval and Pear Links, Lap Links, Double Clevis Links, Hammerlock Links, Cold Shut Links, Swivels, S-Hooks and Split Rings.

Hooks & Snaps

Clevis Grab Hooks, Clevis Slip Hooks, Clevis Slip with Latch Hooks, Eye Grab Hooks, Eye Slip Hooks, Grab Links, Hoist Hooks, Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel & Black Powder Spring Hooks, Double End Snaps, Open End Snaps, and Swivel Eye Snaps.


Steel Cable Cutters, Felco Cable Cutters, Steel Cable Swagers, Steel Chain Cutters, Klein Tools, Maasdam Pow'r Pulls, Ronan Cutters, Steel Angle Cutters, Tool Kits & Tool Bags.

Steel & Polyester Slings

Liftall Endless Round Slings, Liftall Tuffedge II Single Ply and Double Ply Flat Eye Slings, Black Theatrical Rigging EN Round Slings, Steeelflex Poyester Roundslings, 6X19 Galvanized Wire Rope Slings, and 7X19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable Slings.


Galvanized Forged Eyebolts-XL Threads, Self Colored Forged Machinery Eyebolts-Plain, Self Colored Forged Machinery Eyebolts-Shoulder, Bent Wire Eyebolts, Stainless Steel Welded Eyebolts.


Galvanized Drop Forged Eye-Eye, Eye-Jaw, Eye-Hook, Jaw-Jaw, Hook-Hook Turnbuckles, Type 316 Stainless Steel Eye-Eye and Jaw-Jaw Turnbuckles.


Load Rated Screw Pin Anchor Shackles, Screw Pin Chain Shackles, Stainless Screw Pin Anchor Shackles, Commercial Grade Screw Pin Anchor Shackles, Safety Shackles, Chicago Hardware Black Theatrical Screw Pin Anchor Shackles.


Hex Head Tap Bolts, Flat Head Carriage Bolts, Round Head Carriage Bolts, Slotted Rib-Neck Track Bolts, Rib-Neck Step Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Hex Nuts, Kep Nuts, Serrated Flange Nuts, Washers, Lag Screws, Drill & Tap Screws, and Staples.

Lubricants & Cleaners

NSF H1 Qualified Food Grade Lubricants, Dry Silicone Food Grade Spray, Multi-Purpose Lubricants, Methylene Free Multipurpose Lube,  Slipit Sliding Compounds, Lubriplate Aero & Low-Temp Grease, SlickIt, Heavy Duty Wipes.

Blocks & Pulleys

Stainless Steel Blocks, Stainless Steel Sheaves, Yarding Blocks, Hay Block, Split Bracket Pulleys, Cast Iron Pulleys, Stamped Steel Pulleys, Nylon Pulleys, Pulley Forks, Garage Door Pulleys, Poultry Curtain Pulleys.


Hand Winches, Split drum Ceiling Winches, Worm Gear Winches, Split Drum Worm Gear Winches, Winch Cables with Hooks, Winch Straps with Hooks.