Black Coated Cable
Used mainly for stage rigging our black galvanized coating masks the cable from sight in lighting, sound and scenery flying applications.
Stainless Steel Cable
Superior resistance to corrosion. Used widely in architectural design, hand railings, display systems, cable garden trellis systems and marine rigging.
Zinc-Aluminum Coated Cable
A 95% Zinc/5% Aluminum coating has been shown to provide up to 3 x's the corrosion resistance of regular hot-dipped galvanizing. The aluminum content oxidizes to form a protective layer that actually improves over time.
7X7 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cable
7x7 Galvanized aircraft cable is one of the most common, cost effective and versatile wire ropes. Medium Flexibility.
7X19 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cable
Preferred when strength and high flexibility are needed. Applications include agriculture, zip lines, ropes courses, construction, signage and winches.
7X19 Hot Dip Galvanized Left Lay Steel Cable
Used mainly for instances when an overwind on a drum is right to left or an underwind is left to right. When used correctly will often eliminate spooling problems.
Plastic Coated Cable
General purpose coating which is very flexible. Applications include security cables and animal runs.
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cable 1x7 and 1x19 Construction
Commonly used for rigging, hoisting, push-pull, and guying applications. Minimal Flexibility.