Endurance carries a range of Zinc Plated Grade 2 Bolts including Hex Head Tap Bolts, Round Head Carriage Bolts, Flat Head Carriage Bolts, Slotted Track Bolts, Step Bolts and U-Bolts.

Nuts & Washers

Zinc Plated Hex Nuts in Finished, Serrated Flanged Lock and Kep Lock styles. All UNC threads.

High Head Lag Screws

Endurance High Head Lags have an over height head which resists falling out of a socket making these ideal for hard to reach installations.

Drill & Tap Screws

Drill & Tap Screws in either coarse or UNC Fine thread versions. Hardened points, Zinc Plated.


Sleeve and wedge anchors are typically used to fasten steel or wood to concrete or masonry.

Galvanized Staples

Used  for the creation of step points on trees and poles and as light attachment points. Hot Dipped Galvanized.

Painted Trim Nails

Trim Nails are available in extra high strength aluminum or steel both ringed and smooth. Painted to match the most popular colors.

Metal Storage Boxes
These heavy duty 24 gauge powder coated steel boxes with full piano hinge are great for organizing tools, fasteners and small parts.