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1 / 4 X 800 FT Self Colored High Test Chain

Product Code:14B250-0800

1/4" High Test Chain
  • Grade 40 Self Colored
  • Working Load Limit: 2,600 lbs
  • Proof tested
  • 800 ft/drum
  • Priced per/drum
  • Weight .66 lbs/ft
  • $1,004.80 /DR
  • : $1,004.80 /DR
Code Size All Types Other(s) Quantity
14B250-0800 1/4 Grade 43 High Test
  • Pack: Drum
Grade 40 High Test chain (also referred to as Grade 43) offers higher strength and greater resistance to wear, creating working load limits that exceed those of general utility steel chain.

Not calibrated for use in Windlass Anchor Systems, Pocket Wheels or Chain Hoists.

Made to NACM Specifications

NACM Grade 43  

High Test Chain

A- Wire Diameter .276"
B- Inside Length (Max.)   1.24"
C- Inside Width (Min.) 0.38"

Working Load Limit is the maximum working load which should ever be applied to the product under any condition.

Never exceed WLL of the chain.

Inspect regularly. All chain and chain attachments should be inspected regularly for visible damage, distortion, elongation, corrosion and wear that can cause breakage or reduce strength.

Attachments should have a Working Load Limit at least equal to the chain with which they are used.

Avoid shock loads.

Not for overhead lifting. Use only Grade 80 Alloy Chain for overhead lifting. Proof Coil Chain, High Test Chain, and Grade 70 Transport Chains are not to be used for overhead lifting.

Eliminate all twists and kinks in chain before using.

All dimensions are nominal and all weights are approximate.

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