Steel and Polyester Slings

Steel and Polyester Slings
Lift-All Tuflex® roundslings are on SALE!
Other sizes and types available on request!

Since 1964, Lift-All® has grown to become the largest and most well-known sling manufacturer in North America.

Lift-All Tuflex® Roundslings
Tuflex® Roundslings are an endless loop of yarns covered by a woven tubular jacket.
Steel Slings
Endurance Hardware offers a range of steel slings with flemish eyes and heavy duty thimbles. Used primarily for lifting these versatile and extremely strong cable assemblies have also been used for security. Thimble Eyes will accept a 5/8" Shackle
Stage Lighting Polyester Tuflex and Steelflex Roundslings
Tuflex and Steelflex Slings are super strong and lightweight making them ideal for suspension of stage, sound, and lighting equipment. The slings will conform to the shape of load, gripping it securely. The black polyester helps the sling blend to its surroundings and limits scratching of surfaces.
LiftAll Tuff-Edge II Web Sling
Tuff-Edge® II Web Slings extend sling life and lower overall costs. Resistance to the two properties that can rapidly degrade webbing, abrasion and edge cutting, is greatly improved with the use of Tuff-Edge® II webbing.
Security Cable
15' Clear Vinyl Coated Steel Cable Assembly with 4,200 lbs. Breaking Strength. Used for Dog runs as well.
30" White Lighting and Stage Safety Cable with 5/16" Spring hook
Safety cable securely fastens your lighting fixtures, providing safety. White finish masks the fitting on white ceilings.