Guy Strand and Deadends

Guy Strand and Deadends
Guy Strand is used in more static applications than regular Galvanized Aircraft Cable. It is less flexible than Galvanized Aircraft Cable but generally will survive the elements longer. As the name indicates, it is mostly used to "guy" or hold in place, objects requiring a longer stay!

Our products are used in tree care, structure and/or tower support.
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EHS (Extra High Strength) Guy StrandCommon Guy Strand
Guy Strand Dead-endsGuy Strand Tensioner Vise
Guy Strand SplicesEarth Anchors
Hit 30" Guy Strand Cutter
HIT 30" Guy Wire Cutter - 3/8" Max Cut
ON SALE for $129.00
Galvanized TurnbucklesGalvanized Eyebolts
J-Lag Hooks and Eye-Lag ScrewsHot Dipped Galvanized Staples
For creating step points on trees and poles and as light attachment points.
Klein Tools
Cable Pullers
Aircraft  Cable
Aircraft Cable is used in a wide variety of applications including fencing, ropes courses, aircraft cable railings, theatrical rigging, exercise equipment, construction, agriculture, winch lines, garage doors and signage.