Guy Strand Dead-ends

Guy Strand Dead-ends
Dead-end grips are used to terminate a guying connection along with a thimble and turnbuckle. They are typically used in place of traditional guy wire and cable clip type terminations.


PLP TREE-GRIPô Dead-ends
TREE-GRIPô Dead-ends from Preformed Line Products are designed to eliminate the costly labor and time consuming hassle of cable splicing.
PLP Big-Gripô Dead-ends
Big-Gripô Dead-ends are designed for use on Transmission, Antenna, Communications, and other types of guyed structures that require use of large guy strand.
Fehr Guy Tie Dead Ends
Wrap quickly around left hand lay extra high strength (EHS) galvanized guy strand. For tree cabling and bracing. Only for use with EHS strand.
PLP End Sleeves
PLP End Sleeves, also known as ice clips, are used to secure the ends of a Big Grip Dead End when used with Extra High Strength (EHS) Guy Strand.