Steel Chain

Steel Chain
Endurance Hardware offers a wide range of steel chain to meet your personal and/or industrial needs. Whether you need chain for lifting, security, transport, or repairing a porch swing we will supply you with an affordable and dependable steel chain.

Made to NACM specifications
Working Load Limit is the maximum working load which should ever be applied to the product under any condition. The Working Load Limit is based on a load being uniformly applied in a straight line pull. Inspect regularly. Replace if nicked, worn or damaged. Avoid shock loads.

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General Purpose Steel Chain- Zinc Plated Proof Coil Grade 30 ChainGeneral Purpose Steel Chain- Hot-Dip Galvanized Proof Coil Grade 30 Chain
High Strength Steel Chain- Grade 43 High Test
Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Chain for durability, resistance to corrosives, and weather resistance.
Light Duty Straight Link Steel Chain 100 ft
Grade 70 Transport Steel Chain
Our grade 70 transport steel chain is a high strength, heat treated chain offering greater hardness and ultimate durability.
Stainless Steel Chain Type 316
Grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.
Higher Strength than most competitors
Grade 80 Chain
Used for overhead lifting. Grade 80 alloy chain is a heat-treated steel chain with a high strength to weight ratio.
Sash Chain
Double Loop Chain
Stainless and Zinc Plated
Single Jack Chain
Binder Chain
The grab hook at each end grabs onto the edge fittings of your truck, making for a tight and secure hold.
HIT 24" Heavy-Duty Chain Cutter - 3/8" Max Cut
3/8" Max Cut-For cutting hard, non-alloy chain
General Purpose Steel Chain- Zinc Plated Grade 30 Pail/DrumGeneral Purpose Steel Chain- Hot Dip Galvanized Grade 30 Pail/Drum
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